Bookings & Payments


Please download the registration form below

Booking Term Time and Holiday Club:

In order for your child to attend any of our sessions we must first have received a registration form. This can be completed online by clicking the "form" tab and completing the correct form. You can email us with your booking request for permanent sessions or clicking on the booking links below for holiday club or extra/ad hoc sessions.

We do also offer an induction for all children so if you would like one before your child starts please contact us on the emails shown on the contacts page.


Invoices will be sent via email, parents must ensure that email addresses supplied to JK Link Clubs Ltd are updated when necessary and that if you do not receive your invoice when expected that you contact JK Link Clubs Ltd by email immediately.

This invoice will be for the following month and will be sent no later than 7 days before the end of the month.

The sessions that are irregular, we call extra’s. Extra sessions and Holiday Club sessions must be booked online on the links below.Payment is made upon booking for these sessions.

Parents are asked to make the payment by the 1st of the month for regular sessions and if do not do so then you may get a reminder by email or a paper invoice. Late payment can result in a late payment charge of 5% of the balance outstanding.


Our Payment Policy

All fees are payable one month in advance and parents are asked to make the payment within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

Payment must be made in full with no deductions being made for any reason including sickness and holidays.

Payment can be made by either bank transfer, childcare vouchers or by clicking the pay now button on our invoice. For bank transfers and Voucher payments, please allow 3 working days for it to reach us, payment is due in our account by the 1st of the invoiced month.

Payment for any child attending the club on a casual basis must be made when booking via the website unless you are paying by vouchers. In which case you can leave your booking at the 'checkout' stage online, and email us to let us know and we will complete the booking for you.


If an invoice is outstanding more than one month, management reserve the right to exclude the child(ren) from the club and our solicitor will follow up payment.

The management reserves the right to charge a fee of 5% of the outstanding balance for late payment of invoice over 1 month late, and can continue to do so for each month after until it is paid.

All fees are payable one month in advance and parents are asked to make the payment within 7days of receiving the invoice.




Invoicing & Payments


Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer, Debit/Credit Card however, we accept payments through the bank (ie Bacs, Standing Order) or Vouchers. We are registered with MOST voucher companies and if we are not registered with yours, we soon can be! We do not accept Cheques and Cash.

Alternatively you can pay via card in Link Club.

You will receive an invoice 7 days before the end of the month for the following month, this is due to be paid to us on the 1st of the month. No deductions can be made for absences or holidays. You pay for the term time sessions you book until we receive notice in writing giving us a calendar month (from the 1st) of cancellation before any changes are made to the sessions.

This invoice can either be paid in full or your sessions can be worked out up until August of that academic year and a standing order set up for the payments to be made over those remaining months, making the payments the same each month.

OFSTED registration numbers & Other details for Voucher Companies

St Matthews Link Club Reg Number : 315279

St Wilfrids Link Club Reg Number: 315280

Appleton Thorn Link Club Reg Number: 315260

Business address:3 Hatton Lane, Stretton, Warrington. WA4 4NE

Customer Numbers/Account Numbers:

Computer Share Carer Ref. Number 0007893331

Edenred Account Number P20010212

Sodexo ID Number: 154823

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