Holiday Club dates

Holiday Club

**Exciting News**

Our Holiday Club is now held at Appleton Thorn Primary School as of April 2019.

Any child regardless of the school they attend can come to Holiday Club if they are between the ages of 3 and 16.



The Holiday Club dates correspond to the dates that Appleton Thorn Primary School is closed and therefore may not be the same as your current schools term dates. Please check before booking.


We are not open during Bank Holidays or the Christmas Holidays



Summer:   25th July - 3rd Sept 19   (not including the bank holiday)

Autumn:     28th Oct - 1st Nov 19

Christmas:  NOT OPEN: this is the only school holiday we do not open

Spring:       17th - 21nd Feb 20

Easter:       6th - 17th April 20 

Whit:          25th May - 5th June 20

Summer:    23rd July - 2rd Sept 20