Bookings & Payments

Starting with us

Booking Term Time and Holiday Club:

In order for your child to attend any of our sessions you must first register. This can be completed online by clicking the book now tab, this will take you to a sister site for registering and booking.

We do also offer an induction for all children so if you would like one before your child starts please contact us on the emails shown on the contacts page.

Bookings & Payments


All bookings are made via our online booking and payment platform, iPAL. Sessions are booked and paid for in advance and can be made up to 15 minutes before the start of a session, please note same day booking places are not guaranteed. Parents or carers will not be charged for bank holidays or professional days.

We ask that all sessions are paid for in advance. Any parent with unpaid fees will not be able to make any further bookings via iPAL. Should the balance remain unpaid after 7 days the account will be temporarily suspended until payment has been received.

Booking your child’s sessions is your responsibility. You may be charged a £2 administration fee per child for each booking made on your behalf on the day if you child arrives at the session without a booking made prior to arrival. If parents or carers continuously fail to book their child’s sessions, in order to safeguard the children in our care, our setting and our staff, we may no longer be able to accept your child into our care.

Unable to Book?

In the event of the iPAL system not working please contact


At JK Link Clubs Ltd, we accept the following payment methods.


Credit and debit card payments can be made instantly online and card details can be securely saved for quick payments.


We accept Childcare Voucher Payments from the providers detailed further in this hand- book. Please let us know if we are missing a provider. Childcare Voucher payments can be made via iPAL in two ways:

  • Add voucher payments to your wallet so that you can then use your wallet for ad- hoc bookings
  •  OR make a booking and select to pay by Childcare Voucher

When making a payment with Childcare Voucher it is important that you provide us with all the information including the provider name to help us locate and verify your voucher payment and that you ensure payments are transferred from Childcare Voucher accounts at the time of booking.

You will also need to log in to your Childcare Voucher provider’s account and make the payment manually to JK Link Clubs Ltd. Please note this can take up to 5 working days to be verified.

Please also note that iPAL cannot take the payment for you. It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to add the voucher information to iPAL. It can take up to 5 working days for the payment to be received and you can only have two pending vouchers at a time.


If you wish to make payment via Childcare Vouchers, please use the details below:

Business Address: 477 London Road




St Matthews Link Club Registration Number: 315279

Appleton Thorn Link Club Registration Number: 315280

St Wilfrids Link Club Registration Number: 315260


Computershare carer reference: 0007893331

Edenred Account Number: P20010212

Sodexo Account Number:154823

We also accept other vouchers - please use the details above to find us on their system

Please note that it can take up to 5 working days for the payment to be received and you can only have two pending vouchers at a time.


We can accept payments through the government tax-free scheme. You can search for the  JK Link Clubs Ltd settings via the government portal.


Any additional payments or refunds will show as a credit in your wallet which can be used to make bookings. You can also add funds to your wallet to pay for your child or children's bookings.